The Noble Niner

A Niner shall strive for academic excellence in and out of the classroom while maintaining academic honesty and ethical values.


A Niner shall act to uphold and improve one’s self, the community, and the high standards of the institution.


A Niner shall welcome all aspects of individuality and self-worth while embracing the learning opportunities that diversity provides.


A Niner shall hold others responsible for their actions while accepting responsibility for one’s own.


A Niner shall appreciate the intrinsic value of the institution and work to preserve the 49er environment.


A Niner shall appreciate students, faculty, administration, and staff as contributing members of the University community.


A Niner shall demonstrate genuine consideration and concern for the needs, feelings, ideas, and well-being of others.


A Niner shall exemplify all qualities and traits that promote fellowship and camaraderie among the student body, faculty, staff, and administration.


A Niner shall exhibit the virtues and values listed above which befit all members of our Niner Nation.